Why is Mrs. Ariel Leaving?

For most people who don’t know, our amazing school counselor, Mrs. Ariel, is leaving. She has been working at our school for a couple of years now, but has decided leaving us to start her own business. She mainly focuses on Ecotherapy. Ecotherapy means she is outside doing activities with her patients, such as hiking. She really enjoys  helping people, and healing them from their trauma and sorrow. Another service she provides is helping people who struggle with eating disorders.

Since Mrs. Ariel works full time at the school, there are a lot of people waiting for her for help. Our school was her favorite place to be.  She loved how students came together and our calming atmosphere. She loved how the students in the school demonstrated amazing teamwork.

I had asked her some questions, such as if she would ever regret leaving. “I might regret leaving, but that might be in the future, and if so, I’ll deal with the feelings then.” quote by Mrs. Ariel. 

We will all miss you, Mrs. Ariel.