Chesney’s Life After High School


Chesney’s plan after he graduates high school starts with going full time at his job at the Holiday Inn Express he is a house keeper and desk clerk. He graduates this quarter on March ninth. He plans on staying with his parents while he saves a good portion of money. He then is going to look for an apartment on the cheaper side. Over the next year or two he is going to save until he can put a down payment on a better truck like a Dodge Cummins diesel. He plans on taking a CDL class to find higher paying jobs in the construction field or other high paying jobs.

He plans to take trips with his uncle. Like Disneyland and Paris. He is going on a trip to Las Vegas a couple weeks after his graduation. He plans to take a trade school for electrician work. He knows that it is a high paying job and it would gain him the ability to further himself. The last goal that he has in mind so far is to go live back in Las Vegas where he grew up.